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The care and attention with which Van Dam prepares and carries out a move is unparalleled as far as they are concerned. ‘At Van Dam they know what they are talking about, and they ensure that they bring along the proper lifting equipment; there never is a need for them to come back another time,’ says Frank. ‘They also work with great care. They look for the best lifting points on a machine, and they put protective covers everywhere. We can’t always say that about other movers.’ Guido: ‘We tell them where it needs to be installed and they organise everything and don’t ask any questions. Well, they do ask one question: Has the machine been installed to your satisfaction? And as customer, you could not ask for more.’

According to Frank, flexibility is very important in this respect. ‘These people very calmly install the machine and understand what the customer wants. This is not just a small box you put inside and perhaps move over a bit a week later. It has to be right the first time around. They understand this and take the time needed for this.’ Guido adds: ‘To them it’s not important whether they leave at six o’clock or eight o’clock in the evening. The calm they radiate while working, and that includes everyone without exception, is a sight to behold.’

The level of dedication Van Dam brought to the move, as if they were moving their own plant, made a deep impression on Guido. ‘I am not easily touched by anything, but when the first truck drove in, I literally had to brush away a tear. We have invested quite a few hours in this project, and when you see how they work on such a project with so much calm, dedication and satisfaction... You may think it’s just work – you pick up a machine and put it down somewhere – but yet they manage to do that in a very elegant way.’


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