Terms of Conditions

Terms and conditions Jan van Dam Transport B.V. , valid from 10 september 2021

List of appendices:
I General Transport Conditions 2002, version 2015 (Click here for the conditions) / CMR Condtions (ENG)
II General Terms and Conditions for Commercial Removals, 2020 version (Click here for the conditions)
III General Terms and Conditions for Exceptional Transport, 2019 version (Click here for the conditions)
IV Dutch Forwarding Conditions 2018 (Click here for the conditions)
V Dutch Warehousing Conditions 1995 (Click here for the conditions)
VI Terms and Conditions of the Dutch Vertical Transport Association, 2010 version (Click here for the conditions)

Jan van Dam Group

The Jan van Dam Group is represented in two companies:


Assembly/disassembly and anchoring

Relocating and installing machines

Machine storage

Industrial relocation

National and international road transport


Truck-mounted cranes

Tractors and trucks

Forklifts and aerial platforms

Lifting portals 


Head Office

Wilgenweg 20
3421 TV Oudewater
The Netherlands

Warehouse Maasvlakte

Dolfijnweg 4
3199 MD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Warehouse Bergen op Zoom

Ringersweg 19
4612 PR Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlands