‘Jan, it makes me so happy when I see how those guys do their job.’ Jan van Dam couldn’t have received a nicer reaction from Marel’s Managing Director. The feeling that a relocation is in good hands with Van Dam, that is the main feeling that Jan wants to convey to the customer. ‘You give your entire company to us and that's a big responsibility. You just have to be a partner that people have rock-solid confidence in.’

In good hands

Jan van Dam Machine Transport had been to Marel a number of times on behalf of various suppliers and had already made a good impression with its professional, calm and enthusiastic way of working. So when Marel made plans for the move, they contacted Van Dam. It started with an exploratory meeting. This involved listening to the ideas of the customer and looking at the possible options together. ‘Is a customer aiming for the short or long term and do they want certain parts of the company to continue?’ Together with the customer, Van Dam’s people looked at how they could plan the move with as little production loss as possible. ‘By finding out exactly how the production process works, we were able to transfer everything step by step and keep the different facets of the process up and running for as long as possible.’

One of the most challenging machines in the building was the gigantic welding robot installation. ‘We mapped it out in detail, completely disassembled it, put it on the trucks and rebuilt it in the same way in the new building. That alone took us a week and a half.’

By tracking the production process, we were able to keep everything up and running for as long as possible.

Jan van Dam

Other cases

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It is our pleasure to tell you about our approach to Wilting's corporate relocation.

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Project France

It is our pleasure to tell you about the work we have recently carried out.

The company RBOURGEOIS is a world leader in the production and supply of magnetic steel circuits, rotor and stator lamination assemblies for the electric motor, generator and transformer industries. They are based in Besançon, France, and have previously worked with us.

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Moving unique panel press 

The company Pas Panelen approached us with the request to relocate an existing unique panel press from the eastern part of Germany to the Netherlands.

We were delighted to have been awarded the contract to carry out this project.

Would you like to know more about this project?

Contact us for a no-obligation appointment. Call +31 (0)348 - 564 540 or email info@janvandamtransport.nl.

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