The new Volvo will replace another Volvo with a truck-mounted crane and will be used for a wide range of jobs. ‘This truck can also be used as an aerial platform,’ says Stef van Dam. ‘Or it can be used as a box truck and a tractor, and you can put something on the body instead of on the trailer. It can run electrically, and another advantage is that it can be made one metre smaller, making it easier to drive into small factories. You can also attach a trailer behind it and attach a hood so that you have a closed truck. So the question is really: What can't you do with it?’


As you can imagine, it is a very valuable addition to Jan van Dam’s existing fleet. ‘Not many companies have a truck with a crane that can also be used as an aerial platform. We can use it for all kinds of things. We had the same concept before, but this is just a step further. And because the truck has been kept as short as possible, we can be more flexible in the sectors in which we’re active, such as the food industry and the metal industry.’

Ben van Middelkoop, who works as a driver at Jan van Dam Machine Transport, has been driving the latest Volvo for three weeks now. ‘I really like it! It still takes some getting used to, of course, You have to find out how the truck-mounted crane reacts to different weights and proportions. But I’m very happy with it.’ The crane is very special, says Ben. ‘The base section is seventeen metres long, but you can add a jib to it to create an extra bend in the mast. Then you can lift things with it, but it can also be extended. If you also add a work platform to it, the crane can function as an aerial platform. Then the whole thing will reach a length of 34 metres.’ That's quite a height, but Ben doesn’t have problem with it. ‘The last thing you want with this work is a fear of heights, but luckily that doesn’t bother me. I like the fact that I can go in all directions with this new vehicle.

So it’s a special, multifunctional truck. ‘That really characterises Jan van Dam – every truck is unique, so you can be very versatile. There are very few trucks like this on the road. Which makes sense, I suppose, given that Jan van Dam always thinks carefully before buying new equipment. Which weight and which height can we achieve and what is the ultimate combination? These are the kinds of questions that are always asked. I was also allowed to suggest some of the options myself. For example, I thought the boxes were very important, because I like it when all the slings, chains and other things are well organised. I don't like to get things wrong.’

All in all, another great purchase for Jan van Dam Machine Transport. And it makes Ben feel proud. ‘Even before I officially got the truck, I went to see it with my wife and my two sons. Of course they find it all really interesting, and that then gets me excited. I think it shows appreciation for the work I do, and that makes me want to get back on the job again.’

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