They make all the arrangements without any fuss

Cobbler, stick to your last, that’s BPA’s thinking. ‘Our technicians do not load such large machines on a truck every day,’ Kees explains. ‘Our technicians are good at assembly, so we try to remove as many peripheral activities from them as possible.’ This is why BPA decided to expand its partnership with Van Dam. ‘After we have built a high-quality machine, we don’t want to take any risks transporting, loading and unloading it. With Van Dam you know that everything is in good hands and that we do not have to worry about anything. They have elaborate knowledge and experience, and the right equipment. This is one of the benefits they provide as a transporter specialising in the transport of machines.’

The fact that Van Dam assumes part of the logistics coordination and takes over this task from BPA is a major benefit, according to Kees. ‘Van Dam contracts out a large part of the transports to a network of partners. They not only have the transport done by a specialist in the region where the machine is destined, they also compare prices for us. This approach results in competitive transport prices.’

Flexibility and partnership are important values for BluePrint Automation. Kees: ‘We do everything we can to help our customers, and we want our suppliers to support us in this. When we have an urgent request from time to time, what you would like to hear is: “No worries, we’ll look after it”. And not: “Well, that’s going to be difficult”. You’ll never get that kind of response from Van Dam. They simply make all the arrangements, without any fuss.’

BluePrint Automation

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