If it’s at all possible, they will deliver

Geert and his father had already noted Van Dam’s quality of work before they established a subsidiary of Hermle Germany in 2001. ‘In our view, Van Dam, even then, was one of the better parties in the Netherlands, and we therefore chose them as our partner.’ According to Geert, after all these years the company still shows that it is among the best there is in the Netherlands. ‘Jan van Dam manages the entire process and is open to discussing anything. Today, we don’t need a lot of discussion back and forth to come up with a specific solution. And Jan always has a solution, even when it’s difficult.’

What strikes Geert the most about this machine transport specialist is its innovative spirit. ‘If there’s something that does not exist yet, they develop it. When we started to supply specific machines, they immediately purchased a suitable trailer for this purpose. They did the same thing with their Jan always has a solution, even when it’s difficult robot movers, which enables them to manoeuvre much more effectively in tight workplaces. Jan is a creative thinker and each time looks for technical solutions that not only benefit us, but our end-customers as well.’

Jan Van Dam is as reliable as Hermle itself would like to be for its customers. ‘If we have to make an adjustment to our schedule at the very last minute, they absolutely want to contribute their ideas in the interest of our customers. And when something goes wrong – which can always happen – there is no covering up, they simply let us know and the matter is then resolved. They are always there with the right equipment at the right time, even when we only ask for it a day in advance. If it’s at all possible, they will deliver.’


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Jan van Dam Group

The Jan van Dam Group is represented in two companies:


Assembly/disassembly and anchoring

Relocating and installing machines

Machine storage

Industrial relocation

National and international road transport


Truck-mounted cranes

Tractors and trucks

Forklifts and aerial platforms

Lifting portals 


Head Office

Wilgenweg 20
3421 TV Oudewater
The Netherlands

Warehouse Maasvlakte

Dolfijnweg 4
3199 MD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Warehouse Bergen op Zoom

Ringersweg 19
4612 PR Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlands