Jan van Dam Machine Transport Makes Significant New Investment in Sustainability


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The stickers for the latest showpiece of Jan van Dam Machine Transport have only just been applied when Jan explains his choice for the electric truck. 'Considering the market, our clients, and the daily focus on energy transition, we couldn't ignore the acquisition of an electric truck. We've been ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability for years. We already have electric passenger vehicles for fieldwork, solar panels on our roof, and some cranes can operate electrically. The next step, an electric truck for transportation, was the missing piece. Now it's here, in the company colors and has just been provided with our recognizable branding.'

Completely CO2-Neutral

According to Jan, the demand for transportation companies fully committed to sustainability will only grow in the coming years. 'We want to be the answer to that demand. For some clients, working in a CO2-neutral manner is already mandatory. When such clients say they need a partner who can deliver that, we are ready. We have electrically powered cranes, electric forklifts, electric auxiliary equipment, and now electric transportation. When I started over thirty years ago, I had three riser pipes and a crowbar, now, we are the professional partner in machine transport that can operate completely CO2-neutral. We want to maintain this pioneering role.'

The new Volvo FH Electric will primarily be used for national transportation for the time being. 'The truck will transport machinery and our own materials to locations within the Netherlands where the machines need to be installed. Due to the combination of its range and the limited charging infrastructure, it's currently challenging to operate it outside the Netherlands. However, I don't rule out the possibility that after using it for a while and gaining experience with charging, the Volvo may also venture further into Europe. We are currently exploring options for battery packs so that the truck can charge on-site in the evenings. We will be experimenting with this in the coming months.'

Golden Combination

The truck is expected to be on the move almost continuously, which Jan sees as a positive aspect. 'It drives incredibly comfortably. Of course, it's a different experience from a regular FH because you glide silently along the road. But this electric truck is also equipped with all the nice options we have come to expect from Volvo. I am very enthusiastic.' Jan van Dam Machine Transport's entire fleet consists of Volvo vehicles, all supplied by Van Dijk Trucks in Woerden. 'Van Dijk is a reliable partner that always thinks along with us. Volvo is an innovative brand that consistently provides suitable solutions in a rapidly changing world. In my opinion, this combination is invaluable. This Volvo FH Electric is the first one, but most likely not the last.'

Beautiful as all these sustainable initiatives and developments are, Jan believes they only work when the entire company is on board. 'It's crucial that our employees are positive and enthusiastic about these ideas. We have to collectively embrace the energy transition; otherwise, the investment is futile. Fortunately, our team is fully supportive; I know they want to be part of the adventure we've embarked on. Constantly working on progress gives a lot of confidence for the future.'

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